Our goal is to contribute toward progress in science, technology, and business by effectively facilitating the communication of our clients' work. English FEATS is here to help! Our 20 years of experience and rich exposure to the scientific literature and a diverse set of clients and projects allow us to easily understand our clients' work and speak their language.

Clients—International PhD students, academics, research institutions, universities, governments, non-governmental organizations, and private industry, including: NASA, JPL, US Army, DARPA, CERN, IEEE, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCSF, John Hopkins University, Tsinghua University, ETH Zürich, United Nations, NIH, NIST, Max Planck Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Centre for Scientific Research, Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, and MDPI, among others.

High-Impact-Factor JournalsNature Chemistry, International Journal of Cancer, Antioxidants, Cells, Nutrients, Cancers, Pharmaceutics, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Marine Drugs, Biomolecules, Batteries, Viruses, Biosensors, Nanomaterials, Remote Sensing, Toxins, Bioengineering, Polymers, Journal of Clinical Medicine, among others.

Fields—AI, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Pharmacology, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Materials Science, Public Health, Social Sciences, and more.