Academic and Scientific Editing

Pricing Example (in USD/word) *:

Quality **:  MinorModerateComprehensive
Basic editUSD 0.03USD 0.05USD 0.08
Medium editUSD 0.05USD 0.08USD 0.13
High-level editUSD 0.08USD 0.13USD 0.19
LaTeX documents+25%+25%
Deposit ***25% of quote25% of quote
25% of quote

* Basic edits include a 30-minute consultation, proofreading, and a spelling, grammar, and punctuation check and correction.

Medium edits include the above, plus line editing, feedback comments, a field-specific language and terminology check and correction, and an internal consistency, clarity, and logical congruency check and correction.

High-level edits include the above, plus an additional 30-minute consultation, development editing, corrections to notational standards, such as SI units, a math notation check, general content screening, structure and presentation advisement, auxiliary research, field- and journal-specific style, as well as any other identified needs or requested services.

** Quality is based on the assessment of the original quality of the work and the expected amount of editing. During your consultation, we will discuss what level of editing you would like or we think you may need.

*** Deposits are non-refundable and will be credited against the final quoted price. The maximum deposit is capped at USD 250.00

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